Brian Howard’s Podcast Interview on Career Cloud Radio Discussing The Motivated Job Search

“The most effective and efficient job search strategy is a self-motivated approach. This is a proactive approach where the job seeker actively engages the job market to discover opportunities where their skills and competencies bring the greatest value to an employer.”

-Brian Howard

In this podcast interview (link), Chris Russell of Career Cloud Radio asks Brian about the following topics and more.

  • What does the job market look like from where you sit…
  • How can candidates get off to a successful start in their job search?
  • How much does your attitude figure in?
  • Your Career . . . Your Responsibility
  • Understanding the Employer’s Mindset
  • What’s an Exit Statement…and how to use it.
  • Resume tips
  • What Recruiters Can and Cannot Do for You
  • How to find a good recruiter…what to look for?
  • General rules around proactively marketing yourself in a job search
  • Unique tactics…what’s a brag book?

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