Starting Your Job Search – Getting Off to a Successful Start – Short List of Target Employers – Part 3

This is the third installment of a multi-part posting discussing how to start a job search. Previous posts have discussed your emotions when starting a job search and getting organized. This post will discuss creating a short list of targeted companies.

Create a short list of target employers you would be interested in working for. It may be only three, five, or ten companies. Add to the list as you discover new companies. But the point here is to start the list and get you thinking. Now, look up the companies on LinkedIn. Follow them by setting up alerts to receive news, press releases, and job postings. Google Alerts may also be used. If you have Twitter, follow the companies (check out Twellow at and Wefollow at to receive information/tweets. This starts the flow of information from these companies (and others you’ll add), including jobs and industry trends, which will benefit your job search. Add this information to your Excel spreadsheets to create a complete picture of each company before moving ahead, to eliminate needless backtracking for additional research.

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