Starting Your Job Search – Getting Off to a Successful Start – Job Alerts – Conclusion

This is the last installment of a multi-part posting discussing how to start a job search. Previous posts have discussed your emotions when starting a job search, getting organized, creating a short list of target employers and networking contacts, and updating your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Create job alerts. Use websites like and You can choose to be alerted about titles, locations, specific companies (your short list), and so on. Set up alerts on LinkedIn too. Companies (and recruiters) post jobs on LinkedIn and you can receive notifications when they do. Are there any industry-specific or niche job boards you could search? Get a sense of the job market, and start the flow of opportunities you are looking for. If a position pops up, and you’re interested, do not apply for it through the website! Research the likely hiring executive(s) and contact them directly.

Starting a job search can easily be overwhelming, especially if you didn’t expect to become unemployed or need to find a new job. If you follow the steps outlined in these series of posts on Starting Your Job Search, you will be able to successfully launch your job search and reduce any feelings of anxiety.

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