Praise for The Motivated Job Search

“From my 30 years in recruiting and helping recruit or hire over 1,000 employees to Henderson Engineers, Inc., The Motivated Job Search is comprehensive, inspiring and thorough from beginning to end and guides you through the challenges and complexities facing job seekers today. You will learn new ways to look at old problems such as resumes and cover letters, and gain the upper hand in navigating through the employment process by discovering ways to differentiate yourself from the pack. From professional networking to the power of social media, Brian Howard covers it all!”

Ba S., Corporate Recruiting Manager, Henderson Engineers, Inc.


“If you’re conducting a job search for a professional position or considering such a job search, you should read this book. Brian Howard provides a thorough, approachable guide to each of the components of a job search that will help you be the selected candidate.”

Sara K., Vice President Human Resources, Waddell & Reed


“I received an advanced copy of The Motivated Job Search.  As a seasoned professional with many years of experience I was a bit skeptical of finding something new. I soon discovered however, that The Motivated Job Search offered many new strategies supported by detailed examples to further drive home the points!  I especially appreciated the need to establish a brand and seek alternatives to the stale resume format I was using. In addition, the book offered numerous strategies to help differentiate me as a job seeker. This useful resource changed my approach to the job search.  I look forward to buying a copy that I can notate, dog-ear, and refer to over and over.  Thank you and well done Brian!”

Kevin B., Operations professional in the technology and telecommunications industries.

“As a job seeker, I found The Motivated Job Search extremely helpful! The book is a complete A to Z guide to conducting an effective job search. The topics on creating differentiation, resumes, networking, interviewing, and negotiating job offers were particularly impactful for me. It contained ideas and strategies I did not know about or ever considered. It is the complete job search book!”

Tracy J., Sales representative in the wellness and healthcare industry

Some Recommendations from Amazon:

“This is a must-have resource for anyone actively pursuing a career change, recruiters, managers and companies involved in employment reorganizations. Great real-time tools not only for job searches but also the interviewing process, negotiating job offers and even the graceful way to submit a resignation letter. Brian’s experience in the industry is captured on paper for your reference throughout your work life journey. I would highly recommend this book.”

“This is a must buy for anyone looking for new employment and/or contemplating a career change. It’s an easy read the provides job seekers with practical advice on interviewing, resume preparation, follow up calls, and negotiation. Throw out anything you’ve read before! This is truly on point!”

“At 60 I suddenly found myself unemployed, I did a little research about books to help you get organized and focused on finding a job in today’s market. This booked called to me so I bought it. This book did EXACTLY what I hoped it would do. It took me through the logical steps of finding THE RIGHT job and helped me avoid the pitfalls (you know the pitfalls that you don’t know about, but hurt you). This is a well written book from a seasoned professional that talks to you in down to earth terms. Thank you Brian Howard, you saved me MONTHS of searching for the right job with this book.”

“As a CPA and investment advisor, I have been looking for a resource that can help my clients (and their adult children) who are looking for a job. I found it in The Motivated Job Search! Brian Howard has written a thorough step-by-step book that anyone can use to find a new job. The book is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and I am referring to my clients!”