Infographic Resumes – The Advantages – Continued

infographic resume sampleThis is the next installment of a multi-part posting discussing the considerations and use of an infographic resume as a tool in your job search. Let’s continue the discussion regarding the advantages of using an infographic resume in your job search.

Insight into Your Thinking and Presentation Skills. One interesting advantage to an infographic resume is it reveals how you present information. It opens the door of insight into how you think and creatively present ideas and concepts. This can be very persuasive if the positions you are pursuing require presentation skills.

Vividly Presents Your Professional Background. Infographic resumes are colorful, high resolution documents. Unlike your LinkedIn profile (which is an online template) and your resume (which has expected and accepted sections), an infographic resume is a blank canvass. It is a platform to creatively present your professional background and accomplishments. You can present yourself in any way you choose using color and graphics.

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