Infographic Resumes – Introduction

An infographic resume is a colorful, high resolution document that visually presents your background and accomplishments by using pie charts, bar graphs, time lines, and other graphics  in very creative ways. They can be particularly impactful to display notable achievements, high-level recommendations, patterns of success among other things.

In this multi-part posting, we will discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and considerations of using an infographic resume (and other derivative ideas) in your job search.

The impact of an infographic resume comes from the fact that readers are drawn to colorful images. It grabs their attention which is precisely the differentiation you want in a competitive job market. There’s a tendency to remember things better when they are presented by images.

An infographic resume can, in limited circumstances, replace the traditional resume. This is most often the case in the creative fields like design, marketing, advertising, digital media, and so on.

However, for most, an infographic resume should be used as a supplement or differentiation tactic in conjunction with a traditional resume. Even then, its use is better suited for some positions (sales, for example) than others. With these caveats, an infographic resume can be a persuasive tool in your job search arsenal.

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