How to Re-ignite a Stagnant Job Search – Start By Learning Something New

You’re engaged in a job search and things have slowed to a crawl.  You’ve done everything you know and no results.  Don’t panic.  There are practical steps you can take that can re-ignite your job search and get you back on track.

In this multi-part posting we will discuss some practical steps you can take to re-ignite a stale job search.

Learn something new.  This may not sound like a tactic to re-ignite a job search, but it is…..and, it’s a big one.  You need to stimulate your mind with new information.  Identify a professional designation and start the work to achieve it.  If you need to improve your technology skills, now is the time to do it.  Whatever you learn stimulates the mind and when completed, can differentiate you from other job seekers.

Read up on job search techniques. Could you learn something that could open the door to more opportunities?

Many job seekers find renewed energy and a more optimistic outlook on a stale search when they begin learning new things.  You feel better knowing you are doing something to move your job search forward.

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