How to Re-ignite a Stagnant Job Search – Networking – Focus on New Connections

This is the next installment of a multi-part posting discussing how to re-ignite a stagnant job search. In the previous postings we have discussed learning something new as a first step followed by critically evaluating your resume, and keeping a positive attitude. Let’s continue the topic by discussing networking.

Networking. You’ve likely networked with your connections as a part of your search.  To re-ignite your networking efforts, start making new connections, especially on LinkedIn.  Focus on new connections that you believe may be able to help or hire you.  For every two new connections (or LinkedIn invitations extended), contact an existing networking contact and bring them up to speed on your job search (or any other relevant topic).  For all new connections, wait a few days, and then communicate with them. Speak with them about their company, their position within their organization, and any leads they may know of.  Going through this process will expand your network and lead to new conversations with new contacts while touching base with your existing network.

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