How to Create Your Professional Value Proposition

As a job seeker, you have skills, experiences, and accomplishments that employers need. As an important part of your job search, you need to promote your background and achievements, so employers recognize them, interview you, and hire you. One way to achieve this is to create a professional value proposition. 

A professional value proposition is a statement of tangible benefits (value) an employer receives from hiring you. It is a statement that clearly promotes your unique ability, knowledge, experience, achievements – whatever you want to promote about yourself – in such a way that the employer can clearly recognize your value and benefits of hiring you. 

The first step in creating your professional value proposition is a simple recognition of your professional occupation. Are you a sales professional, patient attorney, engineer, administrative assistant, programmer and the list of occupations goes on?

Next, identify abilities, knowledge, experiences, achievements from your professional background. These are those things that an employer would value. Think of them as keywords or phrases. Identify then list keywords or phrases that qualify you for your desired position and make you uniquely qualified compared to others in the same or similar occupation. 

When you list your abilities and achievements, avoid including soft skills and qualities (e.g. integrity, perseverance, etc.). Employers tend to screen for skills and accomplishments first, then inquire about soft skills later. In other words, having the strongest work ethic in the world is meaningless if you don’t have the basic skills to do the job. So, when creating your professional value proposition, focus on knowledge and ability over soft skills.

You are now ready to pull it all together and start creating your professional value proposition. Here are some examples to get you thinking: 

Senior Sales Executive with Experience in Workers’ Compensation, Pain

Management, Leadership.


Product Development Professional Applying Behavioral Research to Health Care


There are several uses for your professional value proposition. It can be used as your headline on your LinkedIn profile, in your Summary (About) on your LinkedIn profile, on your resume, business cards, etc. 

Having a well-crafted professional value proposition will quickly announce to employers the benefit and value of hiring you. You will create more interest in your background compared to those job seekers who do not promote themselves with a professional value proposition. 

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