Elevator Speech in a Job Search – Practice, practice, practice – and solicit feedback

This is the next installment of a multi-part posting discussing the development and use of an elevator speech as used in a job search.

Practice, practice, practice—and solicit feedback.

After reading your speech aloud, tinker with the words (the goal is to have a speech that sounds authentic and confident). Now, memorize the speech and rehearse it in front of a mirror (or use the video recording capabilities of your computer or smartphone). You need to see and hear how you sound. Granted, this might feel awkward at first, but the more you practice, the smoother (and more conversational) your delivery will be. Smiling while saying the words will increase the impact of the speech. Project your voice so those listening will clearly hear and understand.

Continue tweaking your speech until it no longer sounds rehearsed. When polished to your satisfaction, try the speech out on a few friends. Make eye contact, smile, and deliver your message with confidence. Afterward, ask them what they thought your key points were. If their response doesn’t square with your objective, the speech still needs work.

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