Business Cards During a Job Search – Resume Business Cards

This is the next installment of our discussion regarding the use of business cards during a job search. We’ll be discussing Resume Business Cards.

Resume Business Cards

A resume business card takes the networking card one step further (See previous post). Here you may expand descriptive information on the front of the card, and put key qualifications and accomplishments on the back. Focus on your top two or three accomplishments (or qualifications), not on job titles or duties.

This next point is optional, but leave a little white space at the bottom of the back of the card, allowing the recipient room to jot a note about you. Hopefully the note will read, “Need to call.”

It’s fine to mix and match the concepts of the three forms of business cards (Traditional, Networking, and Resume). For example, you may determine that it would be best received by your target audience that the front of the card has a traditional look. But, on the back, you may choose to put a branding statement and a couple of achievements.  That’s fine. Exercise your best business judgement.

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