All It Takes Is One

During a job search, all you are looking for is the one – “right” – job offer. To achieve that goal, you will have a lot of interviews. If you are successfully conducting a proactive job search, you will likely have several interviews with several companies. Factor in disappointment and rejection as an inescapable part of the process. Hold onto the fact that you only need one offer, the right offer, from the right company and your mission is accomplished.


Realize that there will be employers that will pass on you or you could pass on them. It’s all a process of elimination from employers and you. Eventually, everyone gets an offer. It’s a matter of time and the selection process – yours and potential employers.


As a recruiter, I have told hundreds of candidates that an employer is going to pursue other candidates, or the job went to “the other candidate.” When that happens, I frequently tell those candidates that the time will shortly come when they will be the selected candidate and the others will not be getting the offer you are going to receive. Those are more than words of comfort…its truth. It’s remarkable how often things seem to just work out, especially for those job seekers who persevere and don’t allow disappoint and setbacks to derail their job search. Just remember, all it takes is one.

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