Podcast: Brian Howard Talks about the Advantages and Strategies of Networking During a Job Search

In this podcast, Brian Howard discusses the many advantages and strategies of proactively networking for a job. Listen while Brian describes the networking concepts of a “cabinet” and “sales company.”

To listen to the podcast interview, click this link: Motivated Networking with Brian Howard

About: Brian Howard, J.D. is a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC), a Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS), a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), and actively practicing executive recruiter. He has helped thousands of job seekers over his 24 year recruiting career. It is from this experience and knowledge that he wrote The Motivated Series of Job Search Books. These include The Motivated Job Search, The Motivated Networker, Over 50 and Motivated (Release date April 2017), The Motivated Job Search Workbook (Release date April, 2017) and Motivated Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles (Release date November 2017). These books can be purchased on Amazon.

Podcast Interview of Brian Howard on CareerCloud – Discussing Networking During a Job Search

Brian Howard was recently interviewed by Chris Russell of CareerCloud discussing the importance and nuances of networking during a job search.

To listen to the podcast interview, click this link: How to embrace a networking mentality .


The interview discusses important networking topics such as: The definition of networking, networking mentality, effectiveness, your networking “Cabinet,” your networking “Sales Company,” the power of networking, among others.

The interview is based on Brian’s recently released book The Motivated Networker, a practical guide on how to network for a job. (Amazon)

CareerCloud is a career advice company that helps build better job seekers through articles, advice, job leads and more. Visit them at CareerCloud.com.

High Praise – The Motivated Networker has been Endorsed by Business Network International

The Motivated Networker has been endorsed by Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder of BNI (Business Network International) – The world’s largest business networking organization.

Dr. Misner has been dubbed “The Father of Modern Networking” and is one of the world’s leading experts in business networking:

The Motivated Networker is the most comprehensive networking book on the market on how to use networking to find a job. Well-written, thoroughly researched, and practical, The Motivated Networker covers important networking topics and introduces the “ICE” Method for job search networking. It is a must-read for all job seekers!”

About the book: The Motivated Networker is a direct-to-the-point guide for networking during a job search. When 60% to 80% of all jobs are filled through some form of networking, mastering the skill of networking is imperative to success in landing a new job in the shortest time possible! Brian Howard provides an easy to understand and easy to execute approach for networking in a real-world job search. Based on years of front-line recruiting experience helping thousands of job seekers find hidden job market openings leading to job offers, the book gives you a distinctive competitive edge by teaching networking techniques that will create job leads, interviews and a fulfilling career position!

The book can be ordered on the publisher’s website, WriteLife Publishing or through Amazon.

About BNI® (Business Network International). BNI is the world’s largest business networking organization. In 2015, BNI generated 7.7 million referrals resulting in $9.3 billion USD worth of business for its members. BNI was founded in 1985 by Dr. Ivan Misner. The organization has over 7,500+ chapters throughout every populated continent of the world. (BNI.com)

Just Released! The Motivated Networker

I am pleased to announce the release of my second job search book, The Motivated Networker!

The book is a practical no-nonsense guide on how to successfully network for a job. When 60% to 80% of all jobs are filled through some form of networking, mastering the skill of networking is imperative to success in landing a new job in the shortest time possible!

So, what makes The Motivated Networker unique? The Motivated Networker is a tightly written book squarely on the topic of networking to find a job. It tells you not just what to do, but actually how to do it!

The book covers topics such as how to embrace a networking mentality, overcoming fears, how to create a networking “cabinet,” how to start and exit conversations, the ICE Method of networking, networking with recruiters, online social media strategies along with a myriad of useful networking tools not otherwise written about in other books.

You can check out the book on the publisher’s website, WriteLife Publishing or on Amazon.

Infographic Resumes – Some Additional Considerations – Continued

This is the next installment of a multi-part posting discussing the considerations and use of an infographic resume as a tool in your job search. Let’s continue by discussing some additional considerations of using an infographic resume in your job search.

It must look great! Not just good, but great! If you pursue this differentiation tactic, the final product must have a “wow” factor…a “holy cow this is really cool” factor. Otherwise, it will not have the persuasive and differentiating effect you are looking for. It is highly recommended that, should you pursue this job search tactic, you hire a professional to create it. Creating the document on your own can take countless hours. Time better spent pursuing other job search activities – networking, marketing your professional credentials, and so on.

A few final thoughts. One interesting concept you could explore is creating an infographic section to your traditional resume. This would be a form of a showcase resume using color and graphics as your showcase section. Then, traditional resume information would follow.

If you create an infographic resume, get it out there! Use it! One easy thing to do is attach it to your LinkedIn profile. Obviously you want to have it and hand it out during networking events and as a supplement to interviews. Since you put in the time, effort, thought, and money into this tactic, look for ways to leverage it in your job search activities.

Caution. Creating an infographic resume can be a distraction. Its creation can easily become busy-work that distracts you from the real tasks of moving your job search forward. Be aware of your time and use it wisely. An Infographic resume is a differentiator, but it will not by itself get you a job.

Discovering examples of infographic resumes and professionals (vendors) that create them is as simple as a Google search for “infographic resumes.”

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