Starting Your Job Search – Getting Off to a Successful Start – Part 1

Beyond “I need to update my resume,” many job seekers don’t know what to do, let alone in what order to do it, especially if the job search is starting from scratch. It can easily be overwhelming, especially if you didn’t expect to become unemployed or need to find a new job. In this multi-part posting we will discuss the top priorities to successfully launch your job search and reduce many feelings of anxiety.

Get (and keep) your emotions in check. This is the first order of business. If you need a day or a weekend to work through your emotions before starting your job search, fine, but no more than that! You don’t have time for a pity party! Now here comes the big secret: The moment you start taking real steps to begin your job search, the sooner the feelings of anxiety, fear, and even anger will fade. Not dwelling on the past moves you forward to your future and your next job!

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