Over 50 and Motivated! – A job search book for job seekers over 50.

Statistically, job seekers over 50 have more difficulty finding employment than their younger counterparts. Over 50 and Motivated is a practical no-nonsense job search book specifically written for job seekers over the age of 50.

Over 50 and Motivated covers meaningful topics such as dealing with age biases, advantages of experience, how to correctly prepare for a job search, profiling your next job, understanding the employer’s mind, branding, elevator speech, success stories, LinkedIn, resumes, networking, social media, the hidden job market, interviewing, negotiating a job offer, along with a myriad of useful job search tools all written for the job seeker over 50.

The book contains motivating success stories and advice from other tenured job seekers over 50 who landed fulfilling career positions despite the obstacles.

Here is a link, Sample Pages from Over 50 and Motivated!, to see selected pages from the book.

You can buy the book on the publisher’s website, WriteLife Publishing or on Amazon.


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