Infographic Resumes – The Advantages

This is the next installment of a multi-part posting discussing the considerations and use of an infographic resume as a tool in your job search.

There are advantages, disadvantages, and considerations for using an infographic resume in a job search. Let’s start with some advantages.

Differentiation. Infographic resume is clearly a differentiation tactic. Although the idea of a infographic resume has been around for a while, they are not widely used and therefore seldom seen by hiring executives in most industries. A well-thought, well-prepared, and well-presented infographic resume can make you stand out compared to other job seekers.

A Networking Tool. A infographic resume can be a very impactful networking tool. Instead of, or used in conjunction with, your traditional resume and business cards, an infographic resume can be shared at networking functions.

One unique approach would be selecting your most persuasive achievements and create an infographic “hand bill.” Create a 4×6 infographic hand bill and put it on thicker paper or as a large business card. This is truly unique and seldom seen. It will create conversation.

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