SHRM Report: Recruiting Difficulty on the Rise

According to the Society for Human Resource Management’s recent report (Leading Indicators of National Employment, October 2016 Overview), “Recruiting Difficulty” in the services sectors rose 9.8% compared to the same period a year ago.


The “Recruiting Difficulty” index measures how difficult it is for firms to recruit candidates of greatest strategic importance to their companies. The 9.8% increase represents a four year high in the services sector!

In addition, more than two-thirds of HR professionals (68 percent) reported challenging recruiting conditions in the current talent market.

What does this mean for job seekers?

According to Brian Howard, President of The Howard Group and author of The Motivated Job Search, “an obvious conclusion is if you are a well-qualified job seeker in your field, there are likely open positions available to you. The key is to network and proactively make it known that you are open to discussions about a job move.”

Brian Howard, J.D. is a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC), a Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS), a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), and an actively practicing executive recruiter. He has helped thousands of job seekers over his 24 year recruiting career. It is from this experience and knowledge that he wrote The Motivated Job Search and The Motivated Networker. (Both available through Amazon)

The Motivated Job Search – An Amazon 5 Star Book!

The Motivated Job Search was released into the market just 6 months ago (April, 2016). During this brief time, the awareness of the book, mostly by word-of-mouth and referral has been remarkable!

The Motivated Job Search has been warmly received by job seekers from all over the country!

Amazon recommendations have all been glowing with all reviewers giving the book the highest ranking of 5 Stars!

“I have already been receiving emails and LinkedIn messages from readers here in the United States and Canada that are finding the book useful in their job search and recommending it to others.” states Brian Howard, author.

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Here are some excerpts from some of the recommendations posted on Amazon:

“Brian Howard has written a gem! The book is well-researched, simple to understand, and thought provoking. The strategies he wrote about I would have never thought of. I used the advice in the book to identify possible employers and got interviews. I used his WITS approach to negotiating a job offer and got more than what I thought. Within six weeks of reading this book I had an offer in hand. His advice and instruction works!” 

  • •    

 “This book is OUTSTANDING and a must-read/must-have! Brian Howard speaks to the reader from an authentic, sincere, yet practical perspective and provides all the tools to help you differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace and get the job that you want.” 

“Great real-time tools not only for job searches but also the interviewing process, negotiating job offers and even the graceful way to submit a resignation letter. Brian’s experience in the industry is captured on paper for your reference throughout your work life journey.” 

“I’m a seasoned sales professional who has read many different job-search books throughout the years and this is by far the most effective book on the market and applies not only to your job search but to many aspects of life as well! Do yourself a favor and buy the book before starting your new search. Thank you Brian Howard!” 

“This is a must buy for anyone looking for new employment and/or contemplating a career change. It’s an easy read that provides job seekers with practical advice on interviewing, resume preparation, follow up calls, and negotiation. Throw out anything you’ve read before! This is truly on point!” 

“At 60 I suddenly found myself unemployed, I did a little research about books to help you get organized and focused on finding a job in today’s market. This book did EXACTLY what I hoped it would do. It took me through the logical steps of finding THE RIGHT job and helped me avoid the pitfalls. This is a well written book from a seasoned professional that talks to you in down to earth terms.” 


To read all Amazon reviews follow this link.


About the Author: Brian Howard, J.D. is a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC), a Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS), a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), and an actively practicing executive recruiter. He has helped thousands of job seekers over his 24 year recruiting career. It is from this experience and knowledge that he wrote The Motivated Job Search.  

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Brian Howard Interviewed on – Podcast Interview

Brian Howard was recently interviewed for a podcast on Click this link to listen to the interview.

The interview covers interesting topics about job search mindset and motivation, differentiation, LinkedIn, and the 5 most important questions hiring executives need answered before they can extend an offer. is an award-winning Career Blog where individuals are able to obtain ideas and strategies to land their dream job or career. In addition to job search advice, the Blog also provides information for professionals on improving their communication and leadership skills to take their careers to stratospheric levels.

May’s Jobs Data – Not So Good

According to the Business Intelligence Brief (Armada), JOLTS data looked bad in May. “JOLTS” stands for Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey.

“Everything in the labor sector looked bad in May and there is  some expectation  that  there will be better news  from  JOLTS  from June.

The May data showed a drastic  reduction  in  the  number  of  jobs  available  and  a  corresponding  decline  in  the  number  of  quits.  The willingness of people to quit their job and seek a new one is a good indicator of confidence in the labor situation and the latest reading would suggest that there is far less confidence than there has been.”

Starting Your Job Search – Getting Off to a Successful Start – Short List of Networking Contacts – Part 4

This is the next installment of a multi-part posting discussing how to start a job search. Previous posts have discussed your emotions when starting a job search, getting organized, and creating a short list of target employers.

Create a short list of networking contacts. Just like the list of companies from the last step, make a list of close, professional colleagues you feel very comfortable speaking to about your circumstances and job search. As you think of more, add them to the list. This list is unlikely to exceed twenty to twenty-five names to begin with (although it could be more). After you make out the list, do not contact them! You are not ready (even though you may think you are!). Regardless of your business or personal relationships here, don’t “blow it” by not being properly prepared. Patience. Get prepared and know what you want to say before reaching out.

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