Not all Hiring Executives Know How to Interview

Do not assume that hiring executives know how to conduct an effective interview.  Many hiring executives do not like to interview and therefore few ever take the time and effort to learn how to do it correctly.  Although the hiring executive has the authority to hire, a poorly conducted interview can greatly diminish your chances of advancing in the process or getting an offer. 

These are a couple of tell-tale signs that you could be interviewing with an inexperienced interviewer:

  1. Hiring executive launches into a description of his career progression.
  2. The hiring executive hogs all the time talking about the company and asks no or few questions of you and your background. 
  3. The hiring executive is preoccupied or disinterested by work priorities.
  4. The hiring executive allows their computer or phone to distract them in an interview with emails, texts, or calls.  

If faced with these situations, it is upon you to make sure the interview goes well.  This means that you must take the lead and make sure the hiring executive gets enough information to see that you are qualified and the best candidate for the job. 

The trick to this is you must be subtle. You cannot commandeer the interview.  It can be as simple as “thank you for the information you have shared. I would like to provide you with some details about my background as it relates to this position.” In some cases, this will be an enormous relief for the hiring executive – they are off the hook!

The approach is to match what is required or needed in the position with your knowledge, experience, and achievements.  Go right down the list.  Frequently, this will create questions from the hiring executive with the result in a productive exchange of information- ahh!…an effective interview. 

By taking charge of the interview, you will provide information to the hiring executive that he otherwise would not know and provide reasons to hire you. Compared to other candidates who suffer through a mundane ineffective interview, who do you think stands a better chance at getting an offer?