Business Cards During a Job Search – Infographic Business Cards

Infographic Business Cards

An infographic business card is a very unique concept. It is not a “business card” in the traditional sense. Instead, it is more of a “networking handbill.” In concept, an infographic business card is a colorful, high resolution document containing impactful and persuasive background information and accomplishments presented through pie charts and bar graphs of creative design.

Conceptually, an infographic business card is larger than the standard three-and-a-half inch by two-inch business card. Although there is no rule, a four-by-six inch card is a good size or starting point.

The infographic business card is ideal for networking events, especially for association gatherings and conventions. Printed on business card grade paper, with colorful graphics, it is a clear differentiator. If not too large, it can still easily slip into an inside jacket pocket or portfolio of a networking contact or hiring executive.

It is highly recommended that you use the services of a professional with experience creating infographic resumes. There are advantages and disadvantages that need to be carefully considered before you pursue this job search tactic.

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